CAS Window Cleaning Terms & Conditions:

Method: Our professional window cleaners provide the highest level of service up to heights of 55ft using our water-fed pole system, soft to medium bristle brushes and purified water; this is filtered inhouse via reverse osmosis and de-ionisation.

Glass, uvpc frames, sills, and doors are included with every clean as standard. Dirt is thoroughly agitated and rinsed away, with the windows left wet. The windows will dry with a crystal clear, drip and streak-free finish.

Please be aware that render, cement, paint, tar, and other non-organic materials may not be removed by the water-fed pole method, though you may see an improvement with regular cleans. Removal of non-organic materials would require a deep clean which is dependent on safe access to the windows.

The time each clean will take depends on the selected frequency of cleaning and the experience of the cleaner. CAS does not commit to any timeframe for each clean to be completed.

We use the traditional squeegee method when completing internal cleans or for windows and doors unsuitable for the water-fed pole method.


Schedules and Quotations:  CAS offers 4, 8, 12, and 16 weekly schedules, and an ad-hoc via appointment service to meet all needs. Cleans are priced based on schedule. Less frequent cleans will increase in cost by around a third but result in an annual saving when compared to the 4-weekly option. It is important that customers work with CAS to maintain the agreed schedule as closely as possible. You can change your schedule at any time by contacting the office by phone or email or text messaging our system by responding to a received message; however, CAS will not change a customer’s schedule numerous times per annum.

If scheduled cleans or part cleans (i.e., the back of the property) are regularly missed, our system will automatically remove the cost and description of work. It is possible to re-instate your clean, with the view to continue a regular schedule, by contacting the office. If this option is not suitable, ad-hoc cleans by appointment would be the only available option. Please see acceptable amount of missed cleans per year below:

4 Weekly 3 missed scheduled cleans in a row or 4 sporadic
8 Weekly 2 missed scheduled cleans in a row or 3 sporadic
12 Weekly 1 missed scheduled clean without reason
16 Weekly 1 missed scheduled clean without reason

Consistent misses with viable reasons such as building works, painting, scaffolding, bereavements are acceptable.

Scheduled cleans are completed Monday-Friday between 07:30-5pm, although we may attend on a Saturday if we are behind schedule or for ad-hoc appointments. CAS cannot commit to specific days or times for regular work. We work on a routed cycle. For specific dates and time slots, ad-hoc cleans are required which are considerably higher in cost.

We work all year round; our schedules are selected by you, the customer and we will endeavour to adhere to your chosen schedule.

Small additional tasks such as summer houses, small canopies and skylights will be quoted as additional extras and listed under “Upon Request”. It is our experience that most customers do not wish to have these kinds of windows included with every clean, but as and when required. Any tasks listed as such can be requested during scheduled cleans.

Large additional tasks such as sky lanterns, internal cleans, conservatory roofs, large canopies, and windows not included within standard quote that need to be accessed via a ladder onto a flat roof below 15 feet will be quoted and listed as “ad-hoc”. These types of tasks will need to be booked via an appointment only and are not available on the scheduled round. Additional cleans outside of your typical schedule will be charged as ad-hoc.

In addition to the number of windows and their sizes, there are various other aspects considered when providing a quotation such as access, area, and whether the use of a backpack or the extra-large pole is required.

Quotations are valid for 1 year.

A new quote may be required following works on a property, or an extension being added – sometimes we may just need to attend, re-assess and change the job notes without the price being affected.

Accepted quoted prices when receiving our services are valid for 3 years.

We do not work on bank holidays or in extreme weather. This can result in our regular service running slightly behind schedule. Therefore, CAS will clean on or around your due date.


First Cleans: First cleans can take considerably longer to bring the windows up to CAS standard. These can be conducted during the quotation appointment, via an additional appointment, or via the regular schedule. If you require an appointment for your first clean, we may attend for your second clean slightly later than expected, but in line with your chosen schedule.

CAS does not charge more for your first clean. If a schedule is cancelled after the first clean, the payment due for one clean would be the equivalent of the Ad-hoc/Appointment price.

If you book your first clean as an ad-hoc appointment, then decide to join a schedule within 1 month of the date you received the clean, the cost of the ad-hoc clean will be changed to that of the schedule you have selected, leaving your account in credit for future cleans.

Missed Cleans Full or Part Cleans: If we miss a clean due to parking or access issues, building works, adverse weather conditions, or a request from the customer, we will return in approximately four weeks to clean again. Once we have achieved the clean, your selected schedule will continue as normal. We will not re-attend before the four weeks other than via a booked appointment which will be priced as ad-hoc.

If you need to skip a clean, please email, respond to your reminder text or call 0300 123 0008 and leave a message. CAS provide reminders 2 days before each clean to provide plenty of notice. We cannot accept cancellations on the day the clean is due. If cleans are regularly skipped without reason, your pricing is subject to change based on the frequency the cleans are being achieved or the service will be removed. If we complete a clean and are informed after cleaning that you requested to skip, but no record of this can be found, the clean will still be chargeable. If your communication has been found after the clean has been completed and was received before the day of the clean, the cost of the clean will be credited.

When attending an address to clean, we will endeavour to gain access to the back of the property (if/when the back of the property is due to be cleaned), by knocking and/or ringing the doorbell and checking to see if the gate is unlocked (if there is a gate). If the gate is locked and there is no answer to gain access, we will clean the front of the property and leave a VAT receipt with the corresponding amount. We would not return to clean the back that was missed until your next scheduled visit, subject to your selected frequency, and attempt to achieve the full clean.

We will not clean if we can see a clear issue that will affect the result such as builders’ dust, painting, or landscaping. This is because we must leave the windows wet to then dry with a crystal-clear finish; dust and debris can stick to the windows while the windows are drying, creating a worse finish than before the clean. We will skip the clean and return in 4 weeks to achieve what was missed.

We will not clean if it is not safe for our operatives to do so; if there are obstructions that could cause trips or falls, if there are animal faeces that the cleaners could step in or drag hoses through, or if we cannot clean safely due to slippery or broken decking or broken and wobbly patios.

If you have received a text message to inform you of our attendance and we are then unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather, staff absence or vehicle / equipment  issues, you will receive another text message to inform you we cannot attend and when we will be returning.

Conduct: CAS team members will always treat customers and members of the public with courtesy and respect; our operatives and office staff deserve the same respect in return. Our operatives are trained to remain calm or pack up and walk away when receiving any verbal abuse while working. Any abuse directed at our staff members will not be tolerated; CAS will cease all services provided to the relevant customer and they will be blacklisted from receiving any future services.

Health and Safety: We conduct a risk assessment before any cleans take place. Notes of any potential hazards on or around the property will be added to the job description. We take the health and safety of staff, customers, and members of the public very seriously. If a cleaner identifies a new potential hazard, either they will not clean if it is not safe to do so, or an additional note will be made and added to the job for future cleans.

We do not work from ladders, however for windows we cannot reach from the ground, we may ladder up to a safe, flat roof no more than 15ft high and clean anything we cannot reach from the ground.

Cancelling The Service: Customers can cancel their window cleaning service at any time by contacting the office in writing; this can be done via email or responding to a reminder message which will be received by our computer system. We do not accept instruction to terminate the service by phone or telling one of our operatives on the road. As explained in “Schedules and Quotations”, you will charge the ad-hoc cost if services are cancelled after the first clean.  The account will be terminated, and no further visits will occur. If there is no outstanding balance, all personal and property related data will be deleted from our system. Only historic transaction data will remain. However, if there is an outstanding balance, the customer and property details will remain within our system until full payment has been received.


Suspending The Service: Customers can suspend services at any time; however, we will not suspend accounts if requested to do so on a regular basis. If you require us to stop attending for a period, this can be done by calling or emailing the office. Your account will then be listed as “inactive”, and no further visits will occur until we receive instruction to recommence your window cleaning service. Personal data and property details will remain stored in our system for a year then removed if we do not hear from you within that time.


Ad-hoc Customers: Customers can book ad-hoc cleans anytime by calling or emailing us.


Because most of our ad-hoc customers request annual cleans, all relevant details of the customer and property will be stored for 2 years before being deleted from the system if we have not heard from you during that time.


CAS & GDPR: We take all aspects of customer’s security extremely seriously. We will not request or store any data that we do not need. We will endeavour to keep all personal data and property details updated to the best of our knowledge. You can request your data at any time, and we will provide this to you.

The only time we will continue to store data of cancelled customers is if they have been blacklisted due to misconduct, poor payment history or unpaid debt.


Moving Out: If you move out of the property that you have instructed us to clean and do not inform us of your move, you will remain liable for payment for any services provided at the property after your departure until we have been told to stop or that you have moved. You will be contacted for payment, and the outstanding debt (if necessary) will be passed to our preferred collection agency.


Damage To Property: It is company policy that any accidental damage caused to or on public or customer property is reported by the operative who caused or witnessed this damage to our management team at the time that it happened. Management will then contact the customer to resolve the issue. Any team member who is found to not have reported such events will be relived of their duties under gross misconduct.


Adverse Weather: CAS guarantee cleans even when it’s raining, however, work may be called off in extreme weather conditions. This is so we can ensure every clean is guaranteed and our operatives can work safely.2


Open Windows: If there are windows open when we arrive, we will knock at the door to request they be closed before we commence cleaning. If no one is home or a customer does not wish to close them, we will clean what we can without causing water ingress. The cost will remain the same as the full clean.


CAS Guarantee: If you are ever unhappy with the standard of clean, please get in touch with us within 48 hours of the clean. The management team will attend to inspect and complete a free re-clean within five working days, as is company policy. We ask that you do not make payment until we have attended to complete the reclean and you are happy with the results. Feedback is important to us as we strive to maintain high standards consistently; therefore, we welcome customers to inform us if they are ever unsatisfied with the service.

Our Operatives: At CAS, we provide excellent customer service. You can be confident that all team members are highly trained, polite, and honest. They are also fully uniformed, drive branded vehicles and carry ID badges on their person so you can always identify one of our cleaners and be confident with who is working on your property. Your security and confidence are important to us which is why every cleaner is fully DBS (previously CRB) checked. We pride ourselves on delivering a consistently excellent level of customer service. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel you have experienced anything less.


Access: Automated text message reminders will be sent two days before each clean. We send reminders to make you aware of our upcoming attendance and ensure that our operatives can gain access to carry out the agreed scheduled clean.

We will never climb gates, walls, or fences to gain access.

If we are met with difficulty in opening a gate, we will never force it open.

We can unbolt the very top bolt if we have permission to do so and if it can be reached safely.

Any open or unlocked gates will be left closed as securely as possible after cleaning.


Keys: We can hold customer keys in a locked safe at our office. Each key is labelled with a unique numeric code not associated with any address. Only CAS management software uses these codes when issuing keys to operatives. Keys are signed out for use then signed back in on the same day and placed into a locked safe.


Payments: We accept online bank payments, card machine payments made at the door or over the phone, GoCardless or cash. Cash payments will be phased out within the next 12 months. We request payments be made within fourteen days after each clean. You will receive text message reminders, emails, and letters regarding the outstanding payment if it has not been received within that time frame.


We are PCI compliant. When taking card payments at the door or over the phone, your details will never be stored or written anywhere or repeated out loud. We take our customer security extremely seriously. Partnering with Take Payments and Barclaycard ensure maintained firewalls, password protection, encrypted transmitted data and antivirus software to keep your payment data safe.

CAS Window Cleaning Limited – Barclays Bank

Sort code: 20-25-43

Account No: 3351 0328

To use GoCardless, please get in touch with the office. We will send you an email invitation to set up the Direct Debit. The Direct Debit Guarantee protects you. Please check your spam/junk email folder for the GoCardless set-up email.

It may be rare that you see us, and it’s easy to forget to pay the window cleaner. In which case, you will receive regular payment reminders via phone, text, email, or letter.

Refunds: Any overpayment will be refunded by bank transfer once we have received the details to complete this. If we are unable to achieve our standard despite a reclean attempt, a refund will be arranged immediately.


Our Office: For queries or issues, please contact the office on 0333 123 0008 or email If you call/email outside of office hours, please leave a message, and we will action your request or return your call.

Office hours are Monday-Friday 08:00 – 16:00. Field operatives’ hours are Monday-Friday 07:30-17:00 (daylight permitting). We are closed on weekends and Bank Holidays.

If you leave a message for a clean to be missed, we will action this without calling back.

We will, however, always call back regarding any other request or query.

Our office will respond to queries sent via email or our website contact page.

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